Most of my time is spent on commissions lately with ‘on-spec’ work squeezed in between projects

Who We Are

Welcome to Two Red Rubber Things

Two Red Rubber Things began as a seed of art interest in 2002 and has developed from a desire to create for emotion rather than function.

I would like to thank all of my past, present and future clients as you are all part of wherever this is heading. Welcome to Two Red Rubber Things.

It has evolved from a vague folly of 'what ifs' and gambles into a way of life of 'what ifs' and gambles. A huge leap of faith made worthwhile by other people’s leaps of faith in supporting what I do. From the smallest to the largest pieces every design, cut, weld and word means something to me and hopefully resonate with others.

Most of my time is spent on commissions lately with ‘on-spec’ work squeezed in between projects.

It is flattering that clients are prepared to wait to have a piece created. In a world of instant gratification and next day delivery anticipation is a good thing I feel.

On-spec work often brings out pieces that people didn’t know they wanted until they are seen. A good example of this is ‘Eleven O One’ (or Tommy as he is known) in Seaham, Co Durham. A 2.5x life sculpture of a WW1 soldier caught in the first minute of peace in 1918 it was a huge gamble to create without a prospective buyer lined up. It was put out on loan for three months in Seaham in May 2014. In that time the people of the area got together and raised the funds to buy it and keep it exactly where it was. A very humbling and moving experience for us and one that raised the profile of ‘Two Red Rubber Things’ to another level.

I am confident that if I had stood on that seafront with sketches of what I had in mind rather than the finished piece it would never have been made. No one can say we haven’t paid our dues in risk and gambles over the years.

PS. There are many theories and stories to explain the name - they are all wrong. Ray Lonsdale.

A steel fabricator from Durham, sculpture has always been Ray’s passion. Following the achievement of winning The People’s Award within the Hanging Jury Competition 2003 in Newcastle, Ray is now receiving increasing acclaim and attention for his highly distinctive and thought provoking work. His collections to date show the sculptor’s fascination with the human form. Built from steel, his work conveys incredible sensitivity and emotion, often providing deep moments of reflection.

Limited edition sculptures are all hand sculpted by the artist and created in exclusive edition sizes of only 10. Larger scale original artwork is also available by this artist, suitable for both domestic and corporate interiors and for display outdoors.