Eleven O One

Now in the wake of this glorious slaughter,
He'd seen many a soul cleansed in filthy water,
Seen Godless men reach out for the bible,
As lead tore the flesh from both friend and rival,
Soon home to the joy and celebration of kin,
Drunken slaps on the back at a favourite inn,
But heavy in his pocket lies a small piece of card,
And the note written on it will break a mothers heart.

Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers

They said for king and country,
we should do as we were bid,
They said old soldiers never die,
but plenty young ones did.

A High Tide in Short Wellies

That's it for me I'll see you later,
Gonna wrap this catch in protective paper,
Gonna face the sea with a thousand mile stare,
And wish that I was floating there.

In its summertime

Down on the pier I saw a man with a board,
It read ' the end is near accept your lord',
Then underneath this some fisherman wrote ' I can see the end from the back of my boat'

This is wintertime.